Rhythmia Summer Salsa Schedule in August

Welcome to our summer schedule, full of exciting classes and a variety of crash courses to get you straight into the new styles of dancing!

The courses are split so you can enjoy your favourite teachers and classes on a regular basis; Try out our salsa Cali style classes, improver your salsa with new dips, lady styling or a variety of new combos, or check out Janine and Javi's footwork classes - And best part is; the classes are not linked to each other, so you can try out whatever class you want, whenever you want as each week will be something new!

All courses are 60 minutes long and you pay directly to your teachers at the door. The price is CHF 25 per workshops or two workshops (same day) for CHF 40.

(Please note: Beginner + classes are for those that have danced a little bit before, i.e. you know the basic steps and want to improve your dancing towards improver and intermediate)


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